Jonathan 효권 Kim is a hardware and experience designer based in San Francisco, California.

For the past four years, he has been a core part of frog's Industrial Design team where he’s designed products for some of the world's leading brands and emerging startups. Native to the Northern Virginia/ DC area, Jonathan is, at heart, an east coast kid looking to make lasting, beautiful products that help shape culture and improve people’s lives.

Though his expertise lie in physical product design, he believes that excellent, thoughtful design comes from the convergence of multiple disciplines and diverse perspectives. With a keen spirit for the arts, Jonathan often uses photography, illustration and graphic design as mediums to tinker with new ideas. He is also a total nerd and can usually be found heads down re-reading AKIRA while listening to Bill Evans or Biggie.

Please request via e-mail for portfolio access.

IG: @id_jonathan (RIP 02.2019)

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