Update: New Project + Thesis

1. Thesis is in full effect! I recently chose a direction and an area of focus for the duration of this semester. My study stems from a question that I've been wrestling with as I grow as an industrial designer. How can we justify designing and making more stuff when most of it will, one day, end up in a landfill? How can my study influence the lifecycle of commonly used house-ware, kitchen-ware and/or consumer electronics? It's a tough question but I wanted my thesis to be a topic that I struggled with. A deep, thorough study reveals itself over and over. As an old mentor advised me, a good thesis should be a question that lingers on in my life after school.

2. I've posted my ebola project! (Read previous post) 
My design solution addresses how we can change the way people experience the news rather than trying to change the news at the source.

Note: I haven't been able to sketch as much lately but I'm always looking for a few minutes to fit in a doodle here and there. If you don't already, please follow me on Instagram for regular updates!