"Barrenness of thinking, a relinquishment of creativity..."

My thesis is constantly growing and changing as I continue to learn more about the absolutely unacceptable state of our current product culture. I've been reflecting a lot on this quote from Stuart Walker's Sustainable By Design lately and wanted to share. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, within the discipline of industrial or product design, there is a major emphasis on product appearance, in both professional practice and design education, and it is this preoccupation that, in many ways, renders products aesthetics hollow and superficial. The dominance of fashion-oriented, essentially trivial aesthetic definitions suggests a barrenness of thinking, a relinquishment of creativity, and a replacement of originality with bland, market-led ‘safe’ solutions. This prevents industrial design from evolving into an authentic, substantive discipline capable of effectively tackling the important issues of our time: the pressing contemporary concerns that are not being appropriately dealt with in product design and manufacturing are the ethical and environmental ramifications of our actions.
— Stuart Walker (Sustainable By Design)