Ebola & American Media

Last week on our first day of studio, we were given a prompt. Our professors handed us a sheet of paper that had one word on it. Ebola. That's it. We were told that we had two days to give a 3 minute presentation somehow related to this one word. They refused to talk to us before presentation day and proceeded to end class. This was a way for them to measure our maturity as seniors in design. To see what we did with so little.

Instead of focusing on the disease itself, I chose to focus on the effect ebola had on the American mentality in 2014. How ebola became a fear inducing buzzword despite the extremely low risks of contracting it in the U.S. Ultimately, my study became about how we could deconstruct the way in which (alarmist) news is delivered and how design thinking could potentially make media less fear inducing. More to come very soon!