Webbing Timelapse

With nearly 30 years of experience, my parents are among the most seasoned upholstery craftsmen in the Northern Virginia/ Washington, DC area. When I started studying industrial design, I decided early on that it would be foolish to not take advantage of learning about their craft. Thus, two summers ago, I worked as a shop apprentice to see what I could learn. 

Since then, I still stop by every now and then to help out. This is a brief video of some basic webbing that I worked on at the shop last week. It's one of the many steps involved after an old or damaged piece is disassembled. Upholstery is a layered craft that takes years to master and though I can usually only help with the preliminary steps, I'm always reminded of the importance of working with my hands when in the shop. Being part of a generation of designers that grew up with the convenience of technology, I can easily find myself stuck behind a screen for hours on end. There is something about making and working with something tangible that is always humbling as a designer. 

Timelapse HD - iPhone 6